Are the Disney Parks Thematically Cohesive?

  • Why are they changing Splash Mountain, and how are we talking about it?
  • Walt Disney Wasn’t a Nazi, but he Really Hated Unions
  • Epcot and the Death of Edutainment
  • What Happened to Disney-MGM Studios?

Part one: The Hollywood that never was and always will be

look at how they massacred my boy

Part two: What is theme, really

Diagon Alley in Universal Studios, Orlando
I see you too, Doctor Strange, who is also based in New York
All of these things, somehow, belong together

Part three: Cohesion

This is both a picture of Epcot getting theme right and a hint for a future essay



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Meg Brennan

Meg Brennan

I write thinkpieces about theme parks and lists of things that aren’t related to theme parks. You can find my older posts on my Substack here: https://parksandc