So, what’s all this about Splash Mountain?

good lord, the ratio
examples of the new “Disney look”
concept art for the updated Jungle Cruise attraction
the defunct auction scene on Pirates of the Caribbean
Splash Mountain, left, with concept art for the updated attraction based on Princess and the Frog
Br’er Rabbit outside of Splash Mountain with its current theming

So yeah, about Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain was conceived in the 1980s by legendary imagineer Tony Baxter, as a solution to three problems: The area of Disneyland called Bear Country was in desperate need of a new attraction, the chairman of Walt Disney Attractions was insisting that a log flume ride be added to the park, and a new home was needed for the many animal animatronics from the soon-to-close America Sings show in Tomorrowland. Thus, Splash Mountain is a log flume ride in Bear Country (now called Critter Country) that features many of the old America Sings animatronics. Somewhere along the way, Baxter got the idea that the storyline of Splash Mountain should be based on Song of the South. And somehow nobody stopped him.



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Meg Brennan

Meg Brennan

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